Monday, November 22, 2010

Experimental Film

My project is an experimental film called A Schizophrenic Man on PCP.  A schizophrenic guy gets his own super power and fights the evil. In the video, I experimented some fun functions that final cut express provides.

pcp pills

Artistic Statement

As a psychology major, I'm really into psychological drugs and diseases. I have always wondered what would happen if a delusional schizophrenic patient takes some sort of hallucinogens. Schizophrenia itself creates hallucinations for the patients already and it gives the patient credible delusions, with the vivid hallucination that PCP brings maybe the patient will have super power.

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  1. This brings back my memory about the movie Shutter Island. In that the psychologically damaged patient believes that he is an investigator of some sort looking for answers in the hospital where he lives. The story revolves around the false believe and hallucination. I cannot wait to see yours. All the best!

  2. Fantastic send up of mental illness, drug culture and snarky guys. Great special FX. Absolutely hilarious. Thumbs up!