Friday, January 7, 2011

Production log

I'm not amazed by the whole factory idea of Andy Warhol because of that when in film making, it could not be more normal that people with different backgrounds have to work together. Collaboration in art is especially important in film making because we need the person with cinematography background to film, theater background to act and direct, electronic background to set up the grid before filming, sound background do the sound engineering, etc. What caused my attention was that Andy Warhol's time capsule idea and the way he documented everything in his life. This really made me want to document my works in my sculpture class I'm taking this year. I'm planning on taking photographs of my art work in that class and make them into a book with my description. Documenting every details when I'm making my art behooves me not to be afraid of the loss of them in the future because they are captured permanently by camera.

Here's a picture of things I made the first week.
heels made out of cardboard
I checked out some of Andy Warhol's early work. I was surprised that he made lots of draft of heels just like I did. And the styles of the heels he designed are similar to mine. This gave me the inspiration of making heels. I will try to make all my sculpture art pieces relate to fashion and document them.

Here's a video of Fashion by Lady Gaga


  1. I agree with the idea of collaboration as a means of production. It seems to be almost a necessity of successful modern artists to have a team of assistants to help with meeting the demands of collectors and museums. I like that you mentioned the idea of film and how necessary collaboration is to come up with a successful work. I look forward to seeing your sculptures this term!

  2. I definitely support Andy Warhol's beliefs about collaboration and how important it can be for people to become successful in anything they do. Whether it be something as big as film making, or even as small as a school project, they say that two makes better than one!
    As for your term project, I am excited to see how your book turns out. It is fascinating when you think how photographs can capture moments forever and allow us to cherish them for all our lives. We have taken photography for granted, but we should really appreciate how it has changed our lives so much today.Without cameras, there would not have been any way for us to preserve our memories.

  3. Well I agree as well. Collaboration is a vital necessity in creating films and many other forms of art, like music. What I thought was funny was how Warhol decided to surround himself with college students instead of drug addicts after he was shot, but then complained about their visions. He enjoyed collaborating with people who were high more than educated college students. Interesting.

  4. Stimulation, documentation, collaboration. Tactics for artists that many young artists overlook but seem so clearly part of making and doing art.