Wednesday, November 3, 2010

necessity of gore

I made this 3 videos to show the relationship between gore and suspense in films. When film industry was not as flourishing as it is today, the suspense and storyline of a horror film were major parts of our viewing experiences. As cinematic technology developed over the past years, now people can make gory scene more convincing than before. A transformation in horror films began from being more suspenseful less gory to majorly gore and less suspense. I put all the videos in my YouTube Channel.

My first video is Bloody Vomiting. I am actually just making fun of the gory content in contemporary horror film showing that besides bloody red gooey stuff, there's nothing left to see.
This is easy to film. All I needed were corn syrup, food color, toilet paper, and canned soup.

My second video is called From Suspense to gore. I'm trying to show the comparison between suspense and gore in films from the past to today.

My third video is called Self-explanation. I was basically explaining my direction and purpose in the two other clips. I was intending to make it look like a pseudo-professional filmmaker interview.


  1. I thought that your bloody vomit video was really great. You clearly have experience with creating bloody objects or using other supplies to mimic blood. It was disgusting and I didn't think it was as cliche as you told me it was going to be. Nice work on that one.

  2. You show us that the love of showing gore exists but we wonder if you could make a video that explains why people are drawn to watch it?