Friday, February 11, 2011

Mary Jane Jacob, Ray Johnson, and I

I find the idea of merging Buddhism into art quite interesting because I think art is about making statement and expressing thoughts or ideas. The medium of art is like a poet’s pen, and the content of art is the content of the poem. Poets express themselves by writing. Artists express themselves by making different types of art. But Mary Jane Jacob is going for the emptiness of art. After I read the article I somehow agree with lots of things in it. Mary Jane Jacob thinks art should be transient not permanent. Her idea is that the existence of art should only be there when it’s presented in front of the audiences thus the viewing experience of the audiences is a part of art. I have another theory, I think if art is an expression of some sort of emotion and no emotion lasts forever, thus art does not last forever and it should only be a temporary thing. The idea of having audiences’ viewing experience as a part of show reminds me of Allan Kaprow’s happening series. Even though Mary Jane Jacob is not a performing artist like Allan Kaprow, they both make audiences as a part of the show thus people would understand the concept and the essence of the show as an insider.

About Ray Johnson, judging from the depiction from How To Draw A Bunny, I think he made his style into an icon without copyright.

Ray Johnson

I've been writing screen play for the music video. The recording of the song and the poem are done. Too bad I can't upload the audio here because I don't know how.

This is one of the music videos I got inspired from in making our own music video.


  1. You have made some interesting connections. If you agree that art should only be temporary as it is experienced, what do you think of the centuries of artists and who sought to make timeless works? Are those pieces no longer art, or are they only art when someone is experiencing them? What are they the other part of the time, just dormant materials or do they cease to exist? Is Mary Jane Jacob as a curator any different than an artist if her role as facilitator overlaps with that of an artist?

  2. I consider Mary Jane Jacob an artist. In my blog I explained how she collaborates with different artists and collaborating makes you an artist to begin with. You said it perfectly. Her role as a facilitator overlaps with that of an artist. All of these different titles are merly just positions in this art world.

  3. I think art can be an expression of emotion, and it can be very successful. But I all think that art can be an expression of extreme patience, time and planning. Art does not become less expressive the more you work on it, in opinion. I think art can very much be about the 'moment', but I don't think the 'moment' creates art