Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Media Fair Use

Copyright issues emerges when the Internet storytelling and sharing trend have evolved throughout the years, In Lawrence Lessig The Failure of Fair Use and the future of Free Culture, Lessig states that creators live with direct and indirect constraints, the constraints that are created by U.S law. Sexuality, copyright issues, and vandalism are especially covered in the discourse. In my opinion, media fair use is still a vague term, the definition of the restraints are constantly changing and violated in the name of art.

Man Ray's photograph of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain for example, sarcastically challenged the notion of copyright and media fair use. A photograph of another artist's art work counts as an independent art piece. In this situation, it is all about the idea that counts as art. The physical form of a piece withhold no signification of the art work than its message conveyed through itself.

In general, the age of Web 2.0 provides more and more chances for people out there to take other people's stuff transforming those to their own work. While contemplating the ownership issues regarding to the phenomenon, we should really pay special attention to the aura, the idea, and the message of the work instead of blindly accusing others of copying.

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