Sunday, April 8, 2012

Online Publishing and Storytelling

The age of web 2.0 provides us a grand opportunity to connect ourselves to the world. Blogging became an inevitable element of the web 2.0 culture and it gave birth to numerous Internet social groups and society. With every debut of all kinds of Noe-society, specific ethical guidelines and certain rules are always brought out, along with strategies on how to get popular. Storytelling is definitely for sure the most important part in succeeding in this new writing culture.

Brian Carroll brought out the issue of blogging ethics in the essay Blogito, ergo sum: Trends in Personal Publishing. Based on Carroll's writing, online publishing should follow similar guidelines as ones for other writings, such as: academic essays, published scholar journals, newspaper articles, etc. The content has to be as realistic as possible, materials from outside sources should be cited, content should be as precise as possible, the author should always remain objective not biased, etc. I personally think that it is responsible for an online publisher to remain ethical because the Internet is accessible to people in all age/professional/ethnic background, nobody would want to be misled, copied, or offended.

When concerning online publishing, storytelling guidelines are just as important. The content of a blog is constructed by text. Web 2.0 brought us so many different ways of storytelling in a multi-media sense. We can compose stories with limited words through twitter and facebook status, we can also use video to replace written texts, and we can document things through photography or audio recordings. The multi-storytelling way is no more innovative than storytelling styles in films. Take Citizen Kane for example, the storytelling style in the movie contains newspaper, flash forward, flash backs, voice over, photo montage, etc. Online publishing really made everyone the director of their own business and films.

Here is a video about a lecture on storytelling theory and practice.

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