Friday, March 11, 2011

Gentrification Video Done

After 10 weeks of hard work me and Kanesha finally finished the production of poem and the music video. The video production is aiming to raise the awareness of gentrification in Chicago area. Kanesha did a fantastic job forming the basic concept into the video and making it a serious issue. And I hope it did help to make people aware of the fact that gentrification is destroying the lives of people in the lower social class. The stylish look of the video is only tyring to grasp the attention of the audience, what we are trying to convey is what we really want to show the audience. I will put the video in this post once we upload it online.

oops, here's the video.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hype Williams

Harold "Hype" Williams was born in 1970, Queens NYC. He's currently known as a music video director. I found his style really unique. The use of color, green screen illusion, and "flashing screen" are commonly seen in his music video. I don't really know how to describe the "flashing screen" effect, but it is basically two frames are shown at the same time in a way of flashing over each other. In Christina Auguilera's music video Not Myself Tonight you can see the effect was shown in the second climax part of the song. Also this effect is also shown in lots of his videos.I'm especially intrigued by his use of color and the modern style he attributes to his work. This is something I want to put in our music video too.

Hype Williams

Here are some music videos of his that represent his style.

About our music video, we finished shooting 90% of the scene last Thursday-both studio shooting and outside shooting. Now it's just the time to put the pieces together and let the magic happen. Kanesha did a good job contributing political and social perspectives in the video and I'm trying my best to make the video stylish and aesthetically enjoyable.